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Short-term Rentals FAQ

What is mrhost?

mrhost Taiwan Short-Term Rentals,you can rent your rooms and apartments in Taiwan on mrhost, the leading accommodation marketplace for internationals.


Is mrhost a real estate agency?

mrhost is not a real estate agency. We are a new generation of rental platform that connects people with Short-term Rental needs with landlords.

How do I book my Short-term Rental on mrhost?

You will find suitable Taiwan Short-term Rentals on our website. Here’s the tips!

Step 1: Select area and your rental period.

Step 2: Find your favorite property and click on the photos to browse rentals.

Step 3: Click the "ENQUIRE" button to contact the landlord.

What is the minimum and maximum rental period for Short-term rental apartments?

For Short-term rental Hotels, the minimum stay is one day; for Short-term rental apartments or serviced apartments, the minimum stay is 30 days or more, and there is usually no limit to the maximum rental period, which depends on the conditions of each accommodation.

Are utilities and management fees included in short-term rentals?

In addition to the normal rent, the cost of a short-term rental apartment may include water, electricity and management fees; short-term rentals for hotels and serviced apartments will most likely include all other costs and will not be calculated separately.

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